The GemJunkie artistic, affordable accessory line started over a decade ago in Austin, TX when owner and designer Kelly Pratlett discovered that there was a need for handmade accessories at affordable prices. She started out with chunky, funky stone pieces and soon those pieces morphed into her famous $5 earring lines with coordinating necklaces, hair pains, package tie-ons and more. Now, GemJunkie accessories can be found at several retail locations across Central Texas and beyond, including:

~Atown (Austin, TX)

~Burlap Bag (Austin, TX)

~Cherry Tree Creative (Taylor, TX)

~Dandy Boutique (Charleston, SC)

~Fabulous and Baroque (Fredericksburg, TX)

~Pistol B (Jacksonville, TX)

~Prima Dora (Austin, TX)

~Space Montrose (Houston, TX)

~The Wardrobe (Bee Cave, TX)

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  • @GemJunkie
  • @TheGemJunkie
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